Scientific Activity

The major research and development areas at the Department are:

1. Theoretical and technological basics of polymer processing:
- the influence of conditions of processing on product quality,
- single- and twin-screw conventional extrusion process,
- autothermal extrusion process,
- processing of unflammabled and deactivated polymers,
- computer simulation of processing,
- physical modification of polymers,
- material recirculation of polymers.

2. Machines, equipment and tools for processing and treatment of plastics:
- construction and testing of tooling configurations of injection moulding machines,
- construction and testing of conventional and autothermal extruders, especially plasticizing units,
- construction and testing of extrusion heads and injection moulds,
- testing of preparatory and finishing auxiliary equipment.

3. Properties and application of polymers:
- constructional adhesion joints,
- thermal, mechanical, rheological, and other properties,
- thermodynamic equation of state for polymers,
- properties of recycled polymers,
- polymers in repair of machines,
- special polymer pipes,
- polymer roofing.

4. Treatment of polymers:
- polymer crushing, agglomerating, granulating and cutting,
- machining of polymer with low cutting ability, especially drilling and cutting-off polymer-glass composites,
- construction and technology of knife configurations of shredders and agglomerating plants.
The research and development activities constitute statutory studies, the University’s studies and research projects.