Teaching Activity

The Department’s staff teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the majors of Mechanics and Machine Design, Materials Engineering, Management and Production Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Transport.

The Department of Polymer Processing offers the following courses for full-time and extramural students of Mechanics and Machine Design:
- among general subjects – elective arts subject concerning innovation and technical innovation,
- major subjects concerning properties, structure and polymer application and polymer processing,
- subjects at the ‘Polymer Processing’ specialization concerning the following issues: receiving, properties, processing and application of polymer composites and nanocomposites, processing technology, processing machines, tools, stands and technological lines, design of polymer products, modeling and computer simulations of processing processes, as well as polymer recirculation. The knowledge is broadened in the form of elective subjects.

At the second degree studies in the same major of studies - Polymer Processing specialization - the Department conducts elective subject classes concerning details about processing theory, physical chemistry and polymer processing, design of processing tools, design basics of processing machines, technological tools, automation and robotization of processing, as well as issues concerning polymers and polymer products.

In the major Materials Engineering, at the first degree of full-time and extramural studies, the Department conducts the classes concerning polymers properties, structure and application. At the second degree studies, the major subjects concerning physical chemistry f polymers and processing technology are conducted. Subjects at the ‘Polymer Processing’ specialization concern receiving, properties and application of polymer composites and nanocomposites, engineering application of polymers, polymer processing, application of computer techniques in engineering and processing, management of polymer product quality, as well as actual issues concerning engineering and polymer processing.

The Department of Polymer Processing conducts also the courses at the first degree studies in the interfaculty major Management and Production Engineering concerning general issues of polymer processing, as well as processing machines and tools. At the second degree studies, the issues concern polymer composites and nanocomposites.

Moreover, the Department offers classes on the production, composition, properties, structure, application, and processing of selected polymer plastics in newly created majors in Mechatronics and Transport. Courses on the same topics, but considered from the point of view of the specific uses of polymer plastics in medicine, are taught in the Biomedical Engineering program.

Moreover, the Department conducts the classes at the second degree extramural studies for teachers in the major Technical and Computer Science Education at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Technology.
The Department conducts doctoral studies at general principles and as the individual mode, as well as studies for foreigners delivered in English.

The Department of Polymer Processing possesses the following laboratories:
- polymer properties and structure,
- processing principles,
- processing technology,
- processing machines,
- processing tools,
- polymer treatment and utilization,
- engineering computer systems.